This is the most common issue. The springs’ lifetime expectancy is approximately 10,000 open cycles, which typically span 5 years. We carry torsion and extension springs of all sizes along with the matching cables, which work together with the spring. All extension springs we install have a safety cable running through them. A worn or frayed cable is a safety hazard and can cause the door to go off track. In case of a broken spring, pull the red string connected to the opener bar to disengage the opener from the door, and allow you to manually open and close the door. To know if your door is operating correctly: Disengage the opener from the door by pulling the red string, and then open the door 3-4 feet above the floor. If it stays in place without your support, then the door is aligned, otherwise it requires adjustment. A maladjusted door increases the wear of most mechanical parts of the door and opener. Be advised: Operating the opener with a broken spring can result in further damage to the opener.

Broken Garage Door Spring

Doors can be derailed for various reasons, and operating them in this condition may damage parts of the door assembly. However, in case of an emergency you may have to be able to open the door manually. Be advised: Attempting to operate your garage door in this condition is highly hazardous and may cause additional damage to the door, the opener and yourself. Your best bet is to give us a call! We carry all hardware replacement parts and in the case of a broken door panel we can repair or replace as needed. Our technicians may need to perform some adjustments to realign and/or secure the tracks. In case of physical damage to the tracks, which bent or warped them, they may need to be repaired or replaced as necessary.

Garage Door Off Track Stuck Noisy

OFf-track door

Garage Door Opener Malfunction Slow Not Working Noise

A garage door opener may malfunction due to wear, climate, or the state of the door. A broken sprocket, worn-out gear or a bad logic board are the three most common causes. We carry parts for most major brands such as LiftMaster® and CRAFTSMAN® as well as new openers. All new openers come with features such as smart phone control and safety sensors. We are happy to offer you all available options.

Opener malfunction


Worn down rollers or bearings can cause a door to noisily grind against the tracks and move along them roughly. Most rollers and tracks are made of metal, creating louder and louder friction over time. All our rollers are made of nylon, which minimizes both wear and sound. A roller replacement, along with a tune up and maintenance, can work wonders on your old door – making it operate smoothly and efficiently and saving you money down the line.

Garage Door Worn Old Rollers Wheels Bearing Bearings Stuck Noise Grinding

worn Rollers